Tips for Carrying Out Skylight Upkeep More Easily

Tips for Carrying Out Skylight Upkeep More Easily

Cleaning windows high in a wall or upstairs ones, which requires both sides to be wiped from the inside, can be taxing enough. So, you can imagine the challenge of caring for glass units on a roof.

The upkeep of skylights can be scary and intimidating. But it can be done properly and safely if you know the basics. After all, some components do not need attention after installation over their service lives. So, understanding which parts need occasional TLC will make the job much easier.

Regularly Treat the Framing Material

Treated wooden skylight framing is less prone to moisture damage. Removing dirt from its surface will suffice to keep structurally sound.

However, no finish could last forever. Prefinished timber needs new treatment every four years – sometimes shorter if a skylight is located in a hot and muggy area.

Wash the Pane With Non-Abrasive Cleaning Supplies

Glass is delicate so avoid cleaning with a harsh chemical. Use a soft, lint-free cloth to wipe away grime without scratching the surface. Make sure not to wear jewelry since it may have sharp edges that can bruise the pane. 

Clear Debris From the Flashing

For proper drainage, keep the flashing around your skylights as clean as possible. Unfortunately, the gaps between a skylight and the surrounding roofing materials could trap fallen leaves, asphalt granules and other debris that could set the stage for moisture accumulation. At least once a year, unclog the gaps around your skylights. 

Watch Out for Condensation

If the skylight glass sweats, take it as a red flag of improper ventilation. Excessive moisture does not only bring discomfort; it could also trigger premature roof replacements so take it seriously.

Other than ventilating your space via either natural or mechanical means adequately, be mindful of things that can add water to the air. Drying your laundry inside the house, cooking or taking a bath are activities that heighten the moisture levels indoors.

Whether you want to install new skylights or get your current ones repaired, Guarantee Roofing and Seamless Guttering is the name you can trust. Call us at (812) 234-2605 to learn about our impressive line of VELUX® skylights and services, and receive a free estimate.

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