How Do Drone Roof Inspections Work?

How Do Drone Roof Inspections Work?

Roofing contractors are some of the biggest beneficiaries of drone technology. The use of remote-controlled unmanned aerial vehicles has dramatically reduced the dangers of roof inspections and sped up the process.

If you have no idea how typical drone roof inspection works, here we explain its advantages over manual evaluation.

Eliminating Contact

Flying a drone to map the roof and collect valuable data about its structural condition keeps the chances of accidents to a minimum.

Even with proper safety equipment and years of experience to guide them, professionals always have one foot in the grave when traversing pitched roof sections. Now that a drone can take care of the job, nobody has to physically get on the roof and risk falling from a height.

In addition, no-contact evaluation means undamaged roofing components will remain structurally sound, and compromised ones will not worsen.

Taking Accurate Measurements

Precise measurement can make or break any roofing project. Due to the limitations of human ability and the inaccessibility of certain rooftop areas, it is not always possible to measure the dimensions of a roof with 100% accuracy.

With advanced drones, the pitfalls of manual measurement are now non-factors for roofing projects. The fact that the once laborious procedure is not doable in minutes makes drone tech such a real godsend.

Producing High-Resolution Imagery

Whether you want to document damage to seamless gutters or look for potential leak source candidates, a drone could capture images of your property with ultra-clarity.

With automated inspections, the drone is controlled by an application. After typing your address into the app, the drone is launched to map out the roof, take numerous high-resolution photos and automatically send the files to the smartphone, tablet or computer in use. Then, the drone lands safely to the ground and goes back to its box after a job well done.

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