Skylights: More Than Just for Lighting

Skylights: More Than Just for Lighting

Skylights are an add-on that you might have considered once or twice in the past during one of your roofing projects. For many, it’s a way to add more natural light into a room – usually one that has limited options when it comes to windows. What most homeowners don’t know is that the benefits of skylights go beyond just more natural light.

Added Ventilation

Operable skylights are rising in popularity as they can provide extra ventilation in an otherwise stuffy room. These can also help the space cool down during the hotter seasons without using the air conditioner, helping you save money on your energy usage.

A Room With a View

Skylights provide your home with a clear view of the sky. Not only does this view aesthetically enhance the room, it also makes it appear bigger than it really is. This is because a skylight opens up the view of the home, which has the side effect of also extending your viewing space. This trick of the light makes the room appear and feel larger, eliminating that stuffy feeling.

Velux® Skylights

As your local roofing and seamless gutters installers, we want to make sure that the homeowners we work with get the most out of their home. That’s why when it comes to skylight installation, we use only Velux® Skylights.

These skylights boast a history of innovative design to ensure you’re getting the most lighting, ventilation and views from your new hardware. We’ll help you pick the right skylight for your needs and make sure it’s properly installed so that you can take full advantage of its many benefits.

Guarantee Roofing and Seamless Guttering is ready to assist you with your upcoming roofing and gutter installation projects. Call us at (812) 650-5700 to learn more. We are local roofing contractors serving homeowners throughout Wabash Valley.

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