How Ice Dams Form on Your Roof

How Ice Dams Form on Your Roof

Ice dams are a common occurrence during winter. They typically form around vents, skylights and areas where two inclined sides of the roof meet. These can pose safety hazards and damage your roofing so it’s best to take measures that will prevent ice dams from forming in the first place.

How Are Ice Dams Formed?

When indoor heat rises through the ceiling and into the attic, this also tends to warm the underside of the roof. This causes the shingles to get warm as well. Snow that has fallen on these areas of the roof melts and flows down to the part of the roof where the temperature is lower. This then causes the melted snow to freeze again, forming an ice dam.

Tips on Preventing Ice Dams

Roofing contractors usually recommend improving the attic ventilation to prevent ice dams. Proper attic ventilation can make a big difference as it allows cool outside air to circulate in your attic space. This prevents the roof from getting warm, which then prevents snow from melting.

Another thing that you could do is to insulate the ceiling in your living spaces. This will also keep the temperatures lower in your roof deck. However, if you have an open attic, you can have the floor of the attic insulated instead. For ceilings that are directly against the roof, you would have to insulate the rafter spaces.

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