Drones: GAF High-Tech Solutions for Roofing Projects

Drones: GAF High-Tech Solutions for Roofing Projects

For over a century, GAF has been North America’s largest roofing manufacturer. This is thanks in large part to its innovative products that have continuously pushed the envelope on sustainable and energy-efficient roofing systems. Today, GAF contractors make use of a full suite of high-tech tools to help homeowners find suitable solutions for all their roofing needs.

Drones are one such example of the company’s use of technology. Roofers have been enjoying the efficiency and convenience of having drone-mounted cameras examine roofing systems, giving them the option to reduce labor and write estimates faster. But what does this mean for you as a homeowner? 

Savings on Cost

Roofing projects benefit directly from reduced labor costs. The savings the contractors make toward this end is then passed on to you, the consumer. This means you’ll have more financial elbow room to expand your selection of roofing materials to include better and more efficient choices.

Enhanced Safety Features

Savings aren’t the only advantage of using drones for roof inspections. Eliminating the need for a person to get up a ladder and take a closer look at the roof itself also reduces the risk of accidents from happening. This can ultimately reduce costs on the part of the contractor, savings which will then be passed on to you.

Swift Service

Finally, the installation of complex roofing systems along with accessories like seamless gutters, fascia trims and attic ventilation can take a considerable amount of time. Getting any solution to cut back on this time can mean a lot for homeowners who will be temporarily out of their house while the construction is happening. In addition, using drones and accompanying export software means you can get cost estimates much more quickly.

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