When Is the Best Time to Replace Your Windows?

When Is the Best Time to Replace Your Windows?

New windows will improve your home’s appeal, comfort and protection against extreme weather conditions. Damaged or outdated windows will allow heated or cooled air to escape your home, resulting in higher energy costs. While homeowners usually have their windows replaced during spring and summer, more benefits come with doing this project in fall. 


Ideal Weather

The weather isn’t too hot or cold during fall, making it the ideal season to replace old, leaky windows. Installers will need to remove the old frame and repair any rotted wood before installing your new window and frame. This process can expose your home to elements and affect indoor comfort. Caulk also adheres better when the weather is warm but not hot. 

Competitive Deals

Window companies want to reach their sales target before the demands go down in winter. They usually offer competitive deals and financing. You can also upgrade other parts of your home to make the most of this season. Consider getting seamless gutters to prevent leaks, which can damage your home’s exterior. 


Old, worn or broken windows can also cause you problems, especially with harsh Indiana winters. You can prepare for the colder months by getting high-quality, durable windows. Enjoy a cozy winter, and get energy savings by having your windows replaced in the fall. 

Energy Efficiency

Replacing drafty windows with energy-efficient ones can significantly improve indoor comfort and reduce your utility bills. According to ENERGY STAR®, replacing windows can lower your energy costs by up to 20%.   

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